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  • Name: Mac McCarthy
  • Born: London 1947
  • Married: Sue in 1968
  • Likes: Golf, IT, Dogs and living in the country

With my 20+ years experience in IT, having worked for IBM in London and subsequently Manchester, it was inevitble following early retirement in 1992 that I would setup PGA Limited trading as CamacWeb. This was to provide IT consultancy services for Small Medium Enterpises (SME's), especially the voluntary sector in the North Wales area.

CamacWeb was reasonablly successful for another 20 years especially working with both the CAB and the credit union movement, I closed PGA Limited in 2015 and retired from both the CAB and the Credit Union in June 2017.

I developed serveral websites but the website that I am most proud of even with all the hassles of working with families is my brother's site which I have recently brouht it into the 21st century with a "Responvive" website design. You can visit the George McCarthy, Professional Wildlife and Nature Photograher website by clicking here.

Whilst there is a contact page in the menu, unless you wish to pay vast sums of money, it is unlikely that I will take on any more IT related services or websites.

Mac McCarthy - 21st August 2017


Me and Her

Since retirement from the voluntary services, Kirsty and I have become inseperable.

She is so happy that I now am able to take her for walks, but not whilst it is rainning, her decission.